Rwanda has held my heart in the palm of her hand since I could first remember. I had the honor of working with Rwanda in my past life as a peacekeeping policy expert. This work brought me face-to-face and heart-to-heart with the beauty of the land, its people and coffee (ikawa). Between policy negotiations and mandate renewals of peacekeeping missions, I took my fervor for Rwanda and its coffee - one step further by roasting Rwandan green coffee beans at home. I started small with a 1980s popcorn popper and then worked my way up to a home roaster. Although I am no longer shuffling between Security Council meetings at the United Nations, I knew - and so did everyone else around me - that my journey with Rwanda would not end there. I love all-things Rwandan and since I constantly strive to immerse myself in the things that fuel me, you can catch me roasting Rwandan coffee beans on a weekly basis. I want everyone to experience the incredible taste of Rwandan coffee at home and feel that much more connected to Rwanda and its trailblazing spirit.


Leading and uplifting others along the way moves me in deep and powerful ways. It is the ultimate example of love - an unconditional type that moves mountains, brings people together and changes the course of history. For this reason, I know of no other way of describing Rwandans than as pioneers. They are leading the fight against climate change as a country and continent. They are using drones to deliver blood and medical supplies to rural areas. They are putting women at the head of the table to thrive in politics and lead the country in the direction of progress. They are deploying troops to dangerous areas around the world to protect civilians. Rwanda is a beautiful example of what we are capable of as humans when we lead from the heart, so it is in Rwanda’s honor that our coffee is named Pioneer.


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To bring exceptional Rwandan coffee (ikawa) to every household.

  2. To invest in the financial literacy of Rwandan coffee farmers and provide the capital that further propel their coffee dreams forward.